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11 interesting facts about the dog that will probably surprise you

If you think you know everything about dogs, lie. Here are some interesting facts to learn with interest.

1. Dogs do not come from wolves.

Dogs originate in an animal species that disappeared thousands of years ago. Modern American and European wolves have nothing to do with the origin of dogs, though their DNA is more than 90%.

2. Dogs hold the championship in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Today we know a variety of breeds of dogs – of different shape and size, different color and different character. The number of different breeds is many times higher than any other animal species. There are over 400 different breeds of dog in the world.

3. Dogs have a second nose.

Yes exactly! It is known as the vomeronasal organ, or else the Jacobson organ. It has the ability to respond to odors that people cannot perceive. In other words, dogs have two types of nose – one sensitive and one hypersensitive.

4. The dog’s nose has a unique imprint.

It is as individual and unique as a person’s fingerprint.

5. Dogs have a habit of pretending to be sick to get attention.

Many dog ​​owners say that over time they have found that their dog is pretending to be a sufferer to receive more attention and care. Tricks, huh!

6. Dogs recognize colors.

Contrary to the conventional theory that dogs see the world in black and white, we assure you that they recognize certain colors – much less than the colors perceived by the human eye, of course. They see good green, yellow and blue, but they do not recognize the red, which looks dark gray to them.

7. Dogs only sleep on their backs when they feel safe.

Do you remember that cute dog pose with the curb up? Well, if you see it, feel flattered – it means the dog is safe with you.

8. Dogs can smile.

They really smile, but not for the same reasons as people. Rather, they are thought to have taken the chance to get attention or what they want. In fact, it can sometimes even be a sign of pain or fear.

9. Dogs don’t feel guilty.

Farmers often imagine that when they make some mischief, their pet feels guilty. According to scientists, this view is an expression of the owner’s reaction and rather expresses fear of the consequences. In any case, the dog has learned that he has done something wrong, but guilt is an extremely complex feeling, say psychologists, which is unknown even to some people and what remains for the animals.

10. Dogs instinctively seek human company.

Dog instincts tell them that the safest way to survive is to be close to humans, most often the owner. When you are away from your pet, he suffers not only because he can actually attach to you and miss you, but mostly because he fears that his survival is in danger.

11. Dogs are easily attached to humans.

Dogs have been confirmed to be the animal species capable of experiencing the richest palette of emotions. They also recognize your intonation and successfully read body language.

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