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aluminium balls

Aluminum foil removes static electricity from clothing

Aluminum foil removes static electricity from clothing

Nowadays, washing machines have become a very sophisticated device that has a huge number of washing modes and additional features such as soaking, washing, drying and even ironing clothes. But still, there are still plenty of tricks for some of which we will tell you!

Balls of aluminum foil

Aluminum foil helps to remove static electricity from clothing so that any hair and dust does not adhere to them (especially noticeable in black clothing). The ball must be the size of a tennis ball.

Aspirin is sometimes better than bleach

Over time, white clothes lose their whiteness and begin to turn yellow, traces of old spots are clearly visible, which cannot be completely removed.

Aspirin often does the job – several tablets need to be ground and added with the powder while washing. For best effect, soak the linen in water for 8-10 hours, grinding several tablets of aspirin (1 tablet per liter).

Coffee for saturated black

The black clothes after a few washes also lose their color and look less so. You can handle this with ordinary coffee – make a few cups of coffee and add it to the washing machine while rinsing clothes. Of course, the drum should only have black clothes!

Wash your running shoes properly

Sneakers should also be washed regularly to restore their beautiful appearance and get rid of the unpleasant odor. But first, do some small things:

Unzip the sneakers as much as possible

Pour oxygen water inside the sneaker – it perfectly eliminates odor and some bacteria

I strongly recommend that you remove the insoles from the sneakers

It is best to wash them in a special laundry bag

Put the little things in bags

It certainly happened to you after your laundry that your sock was gone. Sometimes, they fall under the drum or the rubber seal. To prevent this from happening, use special bags.

If you do not have such a bag, then a simple pillow case will do the trick. It doesn’t affect the quality of the laundry, but you definitely won’t lose any socks.

The washing machine must also be cleaned

For some reason, many people find this unnecessary, but over time, the washing machine also becomes dirty and smells very unpleasant.

Ordinary baking soda can help to solve this problem – mix it with water in a 1 to 1 ratio and carefully treat the drum and the dust and softener compartments, the rubber seals, etc. Leave on for 20-30 minutes and then switch on the short wash program to rinse well. Also, be sure to clean the filter regularly.

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