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How to clean your dryer

1. Turn off your dryer. The first step is to unplug your dryer from the wall. If you have a gas dryer, it will also be required to turn off the gas before you continue. If you don’t know how to turn off the gas, call a qualified professional. 2. Pull out the dryer and remove vent...Read More
oven cleaning

How To Clean The Oven – Top 5 Tips

One of the most visited rooms in the home is the kitchen. Everyone “goes” from there at least several times a day, whether it is cooking or just a light meal. The kitchen is also one of the fastest growing rooms in need of regular maintenance and frequent cleaning. It is not just about the...Read More
coffee stains

How to deal with coffee stains

As much as we are careful, sooner or later we are very likely to spill coffee on a rug, sofa, pillowcase, tablecloth or other type of textile that is expensive to us. There is hardly anyone who has not experienced the horror of spilling coffee on their favorite couch, for example. And since we are...Read More
cleaning bathroom

4 Bathroom Cleaning Tips

The bathroom is the one from the home that most needs regular hygiene care as it makes direct contact with water and a number of detergents. Many of you will probably associate with a kitchen that, like the bathroom, also needs regular care so that you do not have to spend all day investing in...Read More

Wet wipes while washing clothes: helpful tip

Wet wipes during laundry – here’s what this will help you with Laundry is quite annoying, complicated and most importantly a responsible process. Some effective tricks allow you to speed up and simplify this task. For example, some experienced hosts put wet wipes in the washing machine. It’s time to find out why it’s necessary...Read More
remove stains

Clothes stains – easy ways to remove them

Sometimes, all the methods of removing stains from the clothes we know don’t help. We turn to expensive cleaning products, but they also do not provide the desired result. It is therefore necessary to find alternatives to remove these spots. The methods we offer are distinguished by their accessibility and ease. You will notice the...Read More