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Why grooming very important for your pet

Grooming is a service designed for pets. It consists of procedures for maintaining the appearance of the animal. Includes haircut, striping, painting and bathing as well as nail cutting, ear cleaning, paw care, massages, masks and more. Many people downplay the grooming, thinking that these are gluttonies that only the rich with a lot of...Read More

When to get your child a pet?

Pets are a difficult decision for any parent, even more so if it is a dog. In addition to the financial side of the issue, caring for an animal requires great responsibility. Before taking this important step, you need to consider well the real situation and opportunities of your kid, because even promising to take...Read More
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11 interesting facts about the dog that will probably surprise you

If you think you know everything about dogs, lie. Here are some interesting facts to learn with interest. 1. Dogs do not come from wolves. Dogs originate in an animal species that disappeared thousands of years ago. Modern American and European wolves have nothing to do with the origin of dogs, though their DNA is...Read More