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Clean the washing machine for 5 minutes with this cleaner!

A washing machine is a necessity, but sometimes it’s quite expensive for the family budget. That is why it is so important that the purchased washing machine does not serve you for one or two years, but for as long as possible.

This is not always possible because this is about the quality of tap water. In many places, the water is so hard and full of various impurities, rusted pipes, that it is pointless to fight it. The filter is also quite expensive.

You can use special remedies for sediment, but since it has already been shown that these remedies and softeners are not fully rinsed with laundry, it is better not to use them if you have young children or suffer from allergies.

It is enough to do this procedure 1 time in 3-4 months. If the water is too hard, you can do the procedure more often, it certainly won’t hurt you.

The secret lies in ordinary citric acid. For a standard machine – 3.5 kg, four bags of citric acid of 15 grams are sufficient. If the capacity of the machine is greater, then increase the dose.

Pour the acid into the laundry detergent compartment and start the machine at full temperature at maximum temperature. It is!

Citric acid will perfectly clean the washing machine from deposits and dirt.

You will notice the effect of this procedure more easily if you take 1 tablespoon of citric acid with a tip and boil the water in the jug.

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