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oven cleaning

How To Clean The Oven – Top 5 Tips

One of the most visited rooms in the home is the kitchen. Everyone “goes” from there at least several times a day, whether it is cooking or just a light meal.

The kitchen is also one of the fastest growing rooms in need of regular maintenance and frequent cleaning.

It is not just about the room itself, the fruits, the mass and other surfaces that are often contaminated.

Appliances are one of the items here that we use often, which requires their frequent maintenance and quality care to retard them with their functionality.

One of the most polluted appliances at home is the oven. It is also one of the most necessary elements of a kitchen, because it is through it that we prepare meals for the whole family. Cleaning the oven from serious stains, the result of cooking is no easy task.

Despite the difficulties, however, it is imperative to deal with cooking stains, especially when inside the oven. As the kitchen tends to get smudged too often than we want, the need for regular cleaning is imperative. And since it would be hard to miss cooking, the same goes for cleaning afterwards.

The methods of cleaning our oven are much more than two or three. Here we will look at some of the most valuable ideas in this regard. Some basic steps can be followed here, but in general some of them take a long time and many much less.

Here are the most effective ones that do not require you to be a specialist in cleaning such appliances.

Baking soda and its super powers
This ingredient is among the highest quality and best solutions for cleaning your oven effectively and quickly enough. Soda is a way and a means to clean up dozens of things in one home. Its versatility is a result of its features and accessibility.

That is why it is able to handle the overlays in the oven and quickly and easily.

How it works? Initially heat the oven slightly, then allow it to cool. When the temperature is relatively mix a small glass with baking soda with water to form a thick paste-like solution. Apply a thin layer of paste on the walls and the oven carefully.

Be careful when doing this around the special items that may be available there. While the soda is still on the walls and the spots treated with it, spray with a spray bottle of vinegar.

After allowing the mixture to act for a short time, use a damp cloth and gently wipe away any residue remaining after the procedure. Collect the mixture from the oven walls and you will have a perfectly clean oven ready for your next meal.

What is the easiest way to clean the oven?
One of the most affordable and easy ways to clean your oven is by using nothing but water. Its super powers will assist in the task of cleaning the oven and handle some of the most unpleasant stains and residues from the cooking process.

In practice, not the water in its true form, but the power of the steam helps to clean the oven easily. To be precise, it should be noted that this method of cleaning the oven by steam does the job mainly for not very dirty ovens.

For those with more serious cooking residues, you will need to use more strategic methods.

First, place a large heat-resistant pot with water in the oven. Make sure you place it at the lowest level inside. Then turn on the oven at the highest possible degrees to allow the water to heat up sufficiently within half an hour.

Then let the oven temperature go down without opening the door.

Take a damp cloth or cloth and then wipe the surface of the oven completely. The steam that the hot water has turned into should have finished its robot and removed all the unwanted stains and debris resulting from the cooking.

The serious method
Yes, there is one. It is one of the most effective methods of cleaning the oven effectively and with the right materials.

It keeps the oven shelves clean and shiny for a long time after cleaning.

Here, the method requires the use of a paint solvent.

This may sound like an extreme option, but it is still effective and solves the problem of a dirty oven fairly quickly and efficiently.

A radical way is needed, especially if the remnants of previous cooking are too serious.

Not only does this method work and clean, but it also creates conditions that do not allow the oven to be easily stained afterwards.

The method is relatively easy. Add a little of the solution on a damp cloth or sponge for cleaning. Then carefully treat the necessary areas in the oven with oval movements of the hand.

This will save you from unwanted stains in the oven, including stubborn fat.

How to clean the ribs of the oven?
A large amount of fat that stains the oven during cooking not only on its walls, but also on the grilles and ribs. Because they are similar in shape (rib shape), cleaning them is much harder than the walls of the oven.

However, even though their shape is difficult to clean, we must deal with this task properly.

Here’s an easy way to do this: Fill the tub in the bathroom (if available) with hot water. Then add a cap with a stain cleaner solution and mix well. Put the ribs from the oven in the water with a solution and leave them there for about an hour.

The solution will do its job and after a while, remove the grilles from the tub, rinse them well and allow them to dry in the sun.

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