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How to clean your dryer

1. Turn off your dryer. The first step is to unplug your dryer from the wall. If you have a gas dryer, it will also be required to turn off the gas before you continue. If you don’t know how to turn off the gas, call a qualified professional.

2. Pull out the dryer and remove vent clamp. Pull out the dryer far enough to get access to the vent pipe. You’ll have to unhitch the clamp that holds the vent duct to the wall opening. Depending on the type of brace, you can either squeeze to release it, or you may have to use a screwdriver to detach the clamp. 

3.  Inspect for clogs in vent and remove. Check the vent for any clogs you can remove with your fingers. To clean further into the vent, you’ll need either a special dryer vent cleaning tool that you can purchase at Amazon. If you are not sure we always recommend hiring a professional dryer vent cleaning company to do the job.

4.  Use vacuum to remove debris from lent. Using the cleaning tool or vacuum, remove as much lint and debris as you can from as deep into the opening as you can reach.

5. Reattach vent to dryer. Reattach the vent hose to the dryer with the clamp. Clean any lint that came out while you were attaching the hose.

6. Turn the dryer on. Turn the power back on and start the dryer. Let it run for few minutes. You are all done.

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