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The unpleasant smell of sewage disappears with this easy trick

Years ago, the whole family went to my parents during the summer vacation season. We were quite pleased with this type of vacation, in the countryside, among relatives. Well, of course, we were helping our grandparents.

But it turned out to be a long period, almost 2 months. Finally, when we arrived home, an unpleasant surprise awaited us. We went into the apartment, and there was the stench, it was such that you couldn’t breathe.

Well, of course, we opened all the windows. We immediately thought of the refrigerator, but that wasn’t the reason, we had turned it off. It was empty, clean. There were also no products that could rot.

Good thing my husband is a builder and he immediately remembers the smell coming from the sewer.

When you use water every day, it is constantly updated, catching the rotting odors from the pipes. And, since we were gone for a long time, there was no water on the pipes.

And all the smells from the sewage had penetrated the apartment.

When we called the plumber, it was he who advised us to pour sunflower oil into the sink in the kitchen, in the bathtub, in the toilet, in the shower drain. The oil forms a film and generally dries.

Now, leaving the apartment for even a week, I always use this trick, and the problem with the unpleasant smell of sewage is already in the past.

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