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Turn off the router at night or when no one is using it!

Many experts call wi-fi the ‘silent enemy’. Their main argument in defense of this view is based on the fact that the wi-fi router emits radiation.

New technologies have changed the world and expanded our ability to communicate, work, entertain, and just about anything we can imagine. In particular, a very important role in our lives is played by the wireless Internet, which gives us access to many useful tools. Wi-Fi has become an indispensable thing in our homes, work, educational institutions and other places where it is important to keep in touch with the outside world. Unfortunately, wireless has some drawbacks that most people are not aware of. In particular, it can negatively affect our health.

Why can this be dangerous?
Although the media reports the dangers of radiation from mobile phones and other electronic devices, many people ignore these warnings or are not yet well informed.

This technology has been used by humans for several decades, but it actually takes a lot more time to understand how it affects the human body.

Several scientific studies have already been conducted to analyze the effect of electromagnetic waves on brain activity and the body. There is reason to believe that wireless Internet and radiation can cause cancer and other serious illnesses.

The Bioiniciative report claims that about two thousand international studies have found a link between the long-term effects of electromagnetic radiation on the body and the formation of tumors.

This radiation can cause prolonged headaches, migraines, hyperactivity and sleep disorders.

People who work with this type of equipment must strictly adhere to the recommendation to reduce the effects of the negative effects of radiation on the body.

Children’s anxiety is increased by the effect of the wi-fi signal, as the infant’s body is particularly susceptible to disability because it is under development.

Thinking about it, countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Sweden have begun removing wifi routers from schools, museums, libraries and other public areas to reduce the impact of this technology on children’s health.

To reduce the negative effects of the effects of the wifi router, you can do the following:

Turn off the router at night or when no one is using it!

If the router is in the kitchen or bedroom, try moving it to a space where you spend the least time.

Think of a cable network, even a telephone network. Wireless mobile internet is much more convenient, but the effect of radiation does a lot of damage to our health.

Use cell phones and computers only at certain times. Do not keep them in your room.

Spend more time outdoors, exercising and reading books on paper.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to know reliably when we are exposed to radiation. Electromagnetic pollution in the world has been increasing for hours, and we still do not know what its level will be in a few years. In countries such as the United States and Japan, scientists are already trying to develop another type of technology that does not involve the use of electromagnetic waves. According to preliminary estimates, it took about 30 years to alert people to the effects of these devices on the human body.

Each of us can reduce the impact of harmful technology on our body and the body of our loved ones. We must be responsible and careful users of new technologies for our own safety. Remember that while wireless is very convenient, it can be dangerous to our health. Find the Balance! Turn off the router when not in use!

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