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windows washing

Wash windows without trace: it’s easy to know how!

Previously, the people used only water and a few rags to clean the windows. There are many different tools now, but don’t rush to buy them. Grandma’s recipes are still up-to-date, it’s worth a try.

Pay attention to the weather
Wash windows when there is no wind outside, when it is cool and cloudy. The sun quickly evaporates moisture and unpleasant stains remain on the glass.

Potato starch
Take the starch, dilute it with water, keeping the following proportions: 1 tablespoon per 1 liter of liquid. Stir and wash the windows. Then rinse the starch with clean water, dry with another cloth.

Raw potatoes
Are any stains on the glass difficult to wash? No problem. Take the potatoes, cut them in half and rub them in the problem area. Wash the window now and then wipe with a clean cloth. The stain will disappear.

It will help you flush the windows to shine. Dissolve 2 tablespoons in a liter of water and rinse the mixture.

Take 1 ml of plain ammonia, dilute it in 1 liter of water. The windows will shine. Put on gloves before washing the windows, and after cleaning, ventilate the room.

Take 100 ml of vodka and 300 ml of water. Carefully pour the mixture into a clean spray bottle. Start cleaning.

Really great tool. Dissolve a glass of vinegar in a liter of water. The dirt will disappear without a trace. You just have to rinse the window again with clean water and wipe it off.

The postman regularly carries unnecessary newspapers. Most people just throw them away without reading them. Why? It is better to save a few pages and wipe the windows after washing. Crystal clear and spotless.

For best results we always recommend to hire a professional window cleaning company.

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