Best Dehumidifiers You Can Buy Today

The summer is here. Are you ready to feel that cool breeze on your skin? It’s time to leave the heavy clothes behind and start enjoying the warm weather. All of this heat can cause humidity, which leads to mold and mildew. If it continues for too long, then these contaminants will grow in your home or business. This is where a great dehumidifier comes in handy.

In the summer, there is nothing worse than a hot and humid house. When it gets too hot outside, moisture from the air can seep into your home through any crack or crevice that is available. Not only does this make your home uncomfortable to live in, but it also causes mold and mildew to grow which can lead to allergic reactions. If you are looking for an easy way to keep your home comfortable during those warmer months of the year then try using a dehumidifier.

It is important to maintain a comfortable home environment, especially in the warmer months. To do so, you may need a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier is a device that eradicates dampness from the air. It does this by cooling the air and condensing any moisture in it. Dehumidifiers are used to prevent mold, mildew, and other types of structural damage caused by excess humidity. They work best in damp climates, but they can be used anywhere to remove high levels of humidity from your home or office space.

You may not know it, but there are many benefits to owning a dehumidifier. They can help reduce the risk of mold and mildew in your home or office, they can improve air quality by removing excess moisture from the air, and they can even help you save money on heating costs during the winter months.

Looking for a dehumidifier? You’ve come to the right place. We offer a wide range of dehumidifiers, including portable and whole-home units. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect one for your needs.

When moisture is excessive, this dehumidifier removes up to 50 pints of water per day, drying the air quickly and efficiently. Rolling casters and integrated side handles make it easy and convenient to set up and store.

Frigidaire’s 50-pint dehumidifier will do wonders in performance and product lifespan. It removes up to 50 pints of water per day, which is perfect for areas with high humidity like the bathroom or basement. The built-in pump allows it to be transferred without getting wet–perfect for a place where flooring may be susceptible to damage. The trusted Frigidaire name guarantees quality and reliability you can count on, backed by a 30-day limited warranty. Just think about how your space could look after just one use. Throw away that old bucket–this unit has its own removable 2-gallon capacity bucket that requires emptying every so often. The warm coils keep condensation off.

The FRIGIDAIRE Energy Star 50-Pint Dehumidifier has a convenient carry handle and caster wheels for maximum portability, making it perfect for taking with you to places where moisture is an issue. It’s effective in larger areas like basements, living rooms, or kitchens that produce significant amounts of humidity. This dehumidifier operates quietly and effectively for 48 hours before automatically shutting off due to either the bucket being full or reaching a preset low-temperature level. It is made from durable materials designed to protect your home against mold, mildew, and rotting wood caused by excess moisture exposure.

This unit has a three-fan speed option as well as an easy access container. You’ll never deal with fussing over filters again because it features a washable one. This product includes many different purposes such as removing up to 50 pints of water daily, effective humidity control, reliable moisture removal, the 2-gallon capacity bucket that needs emptying, and 41 degrees Fahrenheit which means no worries about low temperatures.

The full tank indicator will let you know when the bucket needs emptying, a seamless refill feature completes the ease of use. A washable filter limits bacteria buildup, and an easy access bucket makes maintenance quick and efficient That’s not all; we won’t leave you out in the rain because we’ll only shut down if contacted by a power outage or draining reservoir. This unit has an air-cooled condenser that helps to reduce noise and protect its motors without the need for a fan, making it ideal for high humidity areas like bathrooms or laundry rooms.

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Honeywell, White TP50WK Energy Star Dehumidifier
Energy Star qualified dehumidifier removes moisture with less energy than conventional dehumidifiers

The Honeywell, White, 30-Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier is just the thing to keep you and your family comfortable throughout all seasons. With its professional design, energy efficiency ratings hence lessening fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels; the gently lighted digital hygrometer that displays room temperature & humidity level with a 24-hour timer feature making this perfect for multi-use rooms depending on size from the medium-sized living room to large basement. The ventilating louvers enable you to customize airflow patterns with an automatic sensor system that activates the dehumidification process when needed, so there will never be a need for damp or musty odors again.

Say goodbye to musty, dry air with this new Honeywell, White TP50WK Energy Star Dehumidifier. This 30-pint dehumidifier is perfect for moisture control in a medium-sized room up to 3,000 square feet. It features an energy-saving design that runs on a low 25 watts of power and removes about 50 pints of moisture from the air every 24 hours–that’s twice as many pints of moisture as a conventional 35-pint capacity humidifier. Plus, it has an anti-leak design, so you won’t have to worry about spills or drips.

The machine reduces the moisture level in your home from uncomfortable to dry or from damp to manageable so you can achieve a safe and healthy living space for yourself and your family. Soft yet sturdy base allows quick installation onto any surface without tools -no screwdriver needed. Leave it screwed down if it’s meant to stay put but detach easily if you should need to take it along on vacation or interstate move. Just remember that disconnecting should be done by holding down the green tab while pulling.

This energy-efficient device automatically senses room moisture levels and activates dehumidification when necessary. The humidistat control system features a simple LED digital display to indicate temperature, humidity level, and timer settings, while options include regulating airflow through 1 of 3 speeds (High-Med-Low). It consists of an anti-spill design with a filter change alert function–just like you’d get from a caring friend. This is the perfect product if you need to rid your home of excess moisture to maintain a healthy environment free of mold & mildew.

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LG PuriCare Energy Star Dehumidifier
Not only perfect for damp living spaces such as basements, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, but also for bedrooms, attics, and garages.

If you’re looking for a product that might be unfamiliar to some, the LG PuriCare 2019 50-Pint Black Energy Star Dehumidifier is exactly the place to start. It has all of the qualities and design elements you can hope for in a dehumidifier. With four power speeds and an air venting system, it’s easy to cool your space just as quickly as it was humidified, and with Airflow Blockage Alarm and Safety Standby mode, this unit is always safe.

The LG PuriCare 2019 50-Pint Black Energy Star Dehumidifier is a sleek, modern black case that houses an efficient, reliable, and quiet portable dehumidifier. The unit helps dry your space effectively with two fan speeds to help you see your water level more quickly. It also has Heat Rises Alarm Alert System for Safety – this protects seniors most at risk from potentially fatal heat stress dangers by alarming if temperatures exceed 87 degrees Fahrenheit in the room the unit is placed in front of over 60 minutes. Energy efficiency features include Energy Star certification that gives up to 40% savings on energy costs, thereby paying for itself after less than two years of use.

Combining sleek design with functionality, the LG PuriCare 2019 50-Pint Black Energy Star Dehumidifier utilizes hot and cold coils to deliver dry and healthy air throughout your living space. Its adjustable air vents, top-panel controls, and side-loading bucket allow for powerful operation without taking up too much room or being a safety hazard. You’ll also enjoy peace of mind knowing that the unit has been built to military specifications for safety as well as comfort through airflow control and energy efficiency. With its large screen and bright white LEDs, there’s no mistaking when it’s time to empty those buckets. Safety comes first with this clever device that is both stylish and helpful.

LG PuriCare 2019 is the stylish yet functional dehumidifier- perfect for drying your space and raising your comfort levels. With our sleek, modern black case and Airflow Blockage Alarm and Safety Standby mode that shuts the unit down after 1 hour of continuous usage to prevent overheating, it’s nothing but pure efficiency. If you’re looking for an effective way to dry out a 2,000 sq ft room (and 50 pints per day), then LG PuriCare 2019 low cost should be just what you need.

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This GE Energy Star dehumidifier removes 50 pints of moisture from the air every day. This model is ideal for wet rooms, with excessive moisture, anywhere in the home or basement.

The GE Energy Star Portable Dehumidifier is our most advanced dehumidifier, giving you the efficiency of a full-size heavy-duty model with the portability of a lightweight personal unit. This 50-pint capacity portable dehumidifier is perfect for use in bedrooms, basements, and garages where high humidity can lead to mold growth and damage to your home. With built-in pump technology eliminating the need for checking water levels, an adjustable humidistat on this unit adjusts easily between 35%-80% relative humidity levels, making it appropriate for all types of homes. It comes equipped with three fan speeds, making it simple enough to find one that works best given your specific needs.

This portable dehumidifier is ideal for high humidity areas and is perfect for the bedroom, basement, or garage. Its built-in pump eliminates the need to check water levels, and a capacity of 1.8 gallons is perfect when you don’t want to open a window in your home and let cold air in. Other features like the adjustable humidistat, three fan speeds, auto restart, and auto defrost features provide ease of use and effective moisture removal from wet rooms, ensuring clean, dry comfort at all times. The 50 pint GE Energy Star Portable Dehumidifier has quickly become one of our best-selling items because it effortlessly removes excess humidity from your room without making any noise.

Make your space fresh and dry with GE’s energy star portable dehumidifier. Our 50-pint dehumidifier is perfect for bedrooms, basements, or garages because it removes 105 pints of moisture in 24 hours. One of the many things this product offers is CLEAN FILTER ALERT which detects when the filter requires washing; follow instructions to clean-something you don’t have to worry about with other brands. And don’t forget about its EASE OF USE features like an adjustable humidistat that adjusts settings to meet needs depending on where you are using it (basement, garage, bedroom). If you’re looking for an investment-quality appliance at a low price point but want all the perks of significant brand names? Then this is the best buying option for you.

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When moisture is excessive, this dehumidifier removes up to 22 pints of water per day, drying the air quickly and efficiently. Rolling casters and integrated side handles make it easy and convenient to set up and store.

Having a great space doesn’t have to mean being the subject of ridicule from your friends. A high humidity home is an inconvenience no one wants, but it’s even worse when your house isn’t just damp. It’s also molding and breeding unwanted organisms. Until now, there was no way to fight these germs besides blasting off all of your clothes then wringing them out into buckets for hours on end every week, or having a broken air conditioner forever collecting water in the drainpipe. With this product, you can find yourself living in a responsibly cleaned living space without needing someone else’s help.

The Frigidaire dehumidifier is a small-medium sized, 220V 22 pint dehumidifier. It’s an ideal choice to combat high humidity areas, and the built-in pump eliminates the need to check water levels. The operational capacity of 2 gallons means that your household will consume less energy and not be as wasteful as other products on the market. To make it even easier for you, we’ve included an adjustable humidistat, so no matter how humid or dry you want your home, this product has been designed with you in mind. Furthermore, three fan speeds allow flexibility if desired.

Keep excess moisture out of your home while enjoying the full benefit of a clean, dry environment. The Frigidaire Dehumidifier tackles tough humidity with ease while keeping operations easy for anyone in the household. With an automatically adjustable humidistat to keep you comfortable and continuous drainage for effortless maintenance, this unit ensures that no matter what Mother Nature throws at you, we’ve got it handled – and without any additional setup or daily upkeep on your part.

The Frigidaire Dehumidifier is perfect for any high-humidity room. It’s one of the most outstanding options when it comes to dehumidifying your home. The unit will automatically shut off once it has reached maximum humidity removal, saving you the time and effort to check water levels constantly. It also features a built-in pump, so no need to go through all that trouble of emptying half an inch of water every day anymore.

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LG UD501KOJ5 PuriCare Dehumidifier
A convenient, completely clear, side-loading 1.7-gallon bucket gives you easy visibility to the water level. The embedded bucket cover and full-width grip handle provide a splash-free, clean, and simple emptying solution. Auto-shutoff and indicator alarm alert prevent floods by alerting when the bucket is full.

The new edition of the LG UD501KOJ5 50-pint PuriCare Dehumidifier is a trusted and quiet addition to your home. With high water removal rates, many great safety features, and compatibility with Smart ThinQ Product -Smart home technology that will keep your room up to 15 degrees cooler in the warm months comes another year later LG humidification dehumidifier launch. You can now enjoy improved durability as well as efficiency as they spend their efforts on more helpful technology. Impressively confident, this is one family who has no problem tearing through ice blocks all day long by running fast burners at full power. The noise associated with this product is regulated at only 48 dBA, which means fewer interruptions.

The LG PuriCare 50 Pint portable dehumidifier has the latest safety features to create a healthier home without compromising your lifestyle. It can remove up to 2000 square feet of moisture and produce up to 50 pints per day. The product has detection for humidity levels that are too high or that fall below optimal levels. It also offers an Airflow Blockage Alarm that notifies you if the airflow is restricted due to objects blocking the air vents. Plus, it includes Safety Standby mode, which shuts down the machine should anything interrupt the power supply through its two-year warranty for extra peace of mind. The LG PuriCare 2019 might be small in size, but it’s powerful enough to effectively work as hard as your family needs.

This grade of portable dehumidifier is for when you need something more robust. The unit is set on high fan speed mode. With a power rating of 115V/60Hz and two fan speeds, you will never be without comfort again. This unit’s unique side-loading 1.7-gallon bucket allows quick and easy emptying, while its large screen makes programming it an effortless task of just a few clicks on its bright white LEDs. Adding true peace of mind to such a precious device will always mean that we provide safety features.

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Emerson Quiet Kool New Standard 50 Dehumidifier
Dehumidify 6.3 gallons of water in one day (24 hours), with a slide-out water bucket of 1.4 gallon capacity.

If you’re looking for an air conditioner to help reduce dampness in your home, don’t settle for the humdrum Emerson Quiet Kool New Standard 50 Dehumidifier. Its features are guaranteed to make this humidifier one of the best you’ve ever seen. One standout perk of this product is its Wi-Fi capability, which helps it tap into Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration. Not only that, but with its supreme water drying capacity, this humidification device quickly takes care of any moisture problems or vapors resulting from extreme weather conditions.

This is a new product line of the Emerson Quiet Kool 50 Dehumidifier. The model has electronic control and LED display, with auto or continuous mode for smart operation. With three fan-speed settings and a 24 hour on/ off programmable timer, it will be perfect for your home. It also comes backed by all the necessary filters to stop mold from growing in your house while still operating the machine at peak effectiveness. This device will remove 6.3 gallons of water during a single day (24 hours). With a slide-out water bucket of 1.4-gallon capacity, it can extract even more moisture from the air. When you need to conserve every drop during the summer, this machine will take care of that problem, so you don’t have to worry.

The Emerson Quiet Kool New Standard 50 Dehumidifier. 6.3 gallons of water in 24 hours, with an easy-to-use slide-out bucket that can hold 1.4 gallons of water at a time. This dehumidifier keeps the air you breathe dry and healthy for hours on end (24/7). With three fan speed settings to choose from, there’s one for every living space – whether it’s used in your bedroom or bathroom. You’ll also get an LED display, and the auto / continuous /manual modes make it easy to set up your dehumidifier, so you can rest assured knowing it will work well all day long.

With Wi-Fi connectivity and voice control enabled through Amazon Alexa or Google Home. The Wi-Fi control lets you conveniently control your heating or cooling from anywhere, so there’s no reason not to have relief while relaxing on vacation or working away from home.

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Frequently asked questions

Are dehumidifiers safe?

Dehumidifiers are generally very safe, but like anything else, it is important to take precautions when you first use them. Make sure that the room has good ventilation and always keep children and pets away from any electrical cords or outlets. Also, make sure to unplug your dehumidifier before cleaning it, otherwise, you could be putting yourself at risk.

Is there such a thing as an “energy-efficient dehumidifier”?

Yes. There are many different sized and styled dehumidifiers available on the market today that offer energy-saving features like timers or automatic shut-off settings which can help reduce utility bills by turning off the dehumidifier when it is not in use.

Are there any benefits to using a dehumidifier?

Yes. A dehumidifier can help reduce allergy and asthma symptoms as well as improve the overall health of your home or business by preventing mold and mildew from growing. It also helps keep wooden furniture looking great and feeling nice and dry.

What is the difference between a dehumidifier and an air conditioner?

A dehumidifier works in the opposite direction of an air conditioner. A fan inside will remove moisture from your home which can help to cool it down, while also reducing humidity with a built-in heater option that can help to warm up your home. An air conditioner is the opposite in that it cools your home by adding moisture to the air.

What are some best practices for caring for my dehumidifier?

The biggest tip we can offer is to keep the room as dry as possible. The more moisture in your air, the harder it will be for a dehumidifier to effectively remove humidity. Try keeping windows and doors closed during humid times of day (afternoons or evenings) and make sure to empty the water tank regularly. This will prevent any leaks and reduce the chance that mold or mildew could start growing in your dehumidifier.

How much does it cost?

A dehumidifier might seem like an expensive purchase but they last for years if cared for properly, so you can expect to spend between $150 and $250 for a quality model.


If you want to dehumidify your home and feel confident about the quality of the product, we recommend looking for a good brand with an excellent reputation. Our team has put together this list of brands that have been rated as high-quality by consumer reports so hopefully, it will help. We hope we helped you find the right one.

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