Ultimate Guide To Torch Lighters

Torch lighters are one of the most useful tools that you can have for lighting cigarettes. These lighters come with a small gas container attached to the lighter. The flame is generally much hotter than other types of disposable lighters, which means it will light your cigarette without any problems.

Torch lighters are a great way to light your cigar with precision. If you’re looking for the best torch lighter, be sure to read this guide that will show you some of the top models on the market. We’ll also provide some quick tips to help you find the perfect flame for any situation.

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Types of Torch Lighters

Jet Flame:

The first type is the jet flame, which sends out a steady stream that looks more like traditional gasoline or gas-powered lighter. This type also has high fuel capacity and can be used for lighting anything from your cigar to BBQ grills. This type is further divided into different categories:

Single Jet Flame:

Single jet flame is the most common type of torch lighter. It uses a single powerful gas flame that can reach temperatures up to 3800°F/1950°C, making it perfect for lighting cigarettes and cigars. This model has an adjustable burner knob so that you can adjust its intensity based on your taste preferences.

Dual Jet Flame:

The dual jet flame produces two separate but equally strong flames through one nozzle located at opposite ends of the device. They are best used with objects that have small surfaces such as pipes or cigars because they provide total focus in all directions when ignited due to their smaller size. A clear advantage over any other kind of lighter.

Triple Jet Flame:

The third type of jet lighter is the triple jet flame, which is the most powerful and produces three separate but equally strong flames. They are best used with objects that have small surfaces such as pipes or cigars because they provide total focus in all directions when ignited due to their smaller size. A clear advantage over any other kind of lighter.

Butane Lighter:

The butane torch lighter uses a mixture of propane and butane gases to produce an intense flame. These lighters are popular because they typically have fuel cells that can be replaced when needed. This allows you to use your lighter for years without purchasing new ones.

Electric Lighter:

The next type is the electric model, which creates plasma by heating two tungsten electrodes with electricity from batteries or wall sockets. Because these models don’t require any flammable gas, there’s no need for refills. They’re also windproof to be used in all types of conditions.

Cigar Torch:

The cigar torch has a long body handle for easy use by anyone who wants precision lighting power. Their two-stage ignition system makes them much easier to operate than traditional lighters and allows you to adjust the airflow easily so you can control your burn time while keeping it lit at all times. It also comes equipped with an extra-large tank capacity giving you up to 20 minutes of continuous burn time.

Torch Cigar Lighter:

The fifth type is the torch cigar lighter, which looks like a traditional cigarette lighter but has an extended shaft to accommodate cigars of different shapes and sizes easily and conveniently with just one hand. It also comes equipped with an extra-large tank capacity giving you up to 20 minutes of continuous burn time. They are powerful enough for any situation that requires easy lighting without making a mess or wasting too much fuel on small objects such as pipes. These lighters come in single jet flame models only since they give off more power than other types of torches.

Portable Butane Torch Lighters:

The sixth type is portable butane torch lighters, which use butane gas instead of regular lighter fluid to be refilled in less than a minute and used repeatedly. This lighter type is perfect for people who want to save money by refilling their butane gas when it runs out.

Pipe Lighter:

A pipe lighter uses butane gas instead of regular lighter fluid to be refilled in less than a minute and reused again and again. This lighter type is perfect for people who want to save money by refilling their butane gas when it runs out.

Vaporizer Lighter:

The eighth type is a vaporizer lighter which can be used to light both tobacco and marijuana because it heats the contents of the bowl, so you don’t need flames or butane gas. It’s safe for use indoors without giving off any harmful fumes, making them ideal for people who want to enjoy their dry herbs in privacy.

Finally, there are also windproof lighters that have been designed with aerodynamics in mind and other specific models such as flint wheel ignition systems that require no battery power at all. They’re just as convenient as electronic lighters, except they look more like traditional disposable cigarette lighters rather than torches.

Other Types:

Other types are available on the market, such as electronic cigarette lighters that look very similar to traditional disposable lighters, except they have an LED light at the end that lights up instead of flames. These can not only be used for lighting cigarettes or cigars but also candles too.

But there’s more because you can find USB rechargeable electric cigar torches that require no fuel whatsoever, so these last much longer than regular models without giving off any harmful fumes or liquids while being 100% refillable with just one button press.

How to Use Them

Before using any lighter fluid, make sure that it’s completely dry by letting it sit out overnight and then testing with a matchstick first before trying anything else again.

If possible, try not holding your hand directly over top of the flame as this will cause more smoke than usual coming through the end of your cigarette and make it harder to draw when you inhale.

Make sure that the top of your lighter is clean and free from dirt or any other obstructions before trying to ignite anything with it too.

Key Features in buying the best torch lighter:

Do you want to find a torch lighter? The following significant features must be considered before buying.


The ignition is the most important feature of a lighter because if it does not work properly or quickly, you can turn on your cigar. The types of igniting are flint wheel, piezoelectricity, and butane flame. Butane flames are more reliable than other options because they do not require battery power to light up.

Gas Capacity:

Gas capacity is another significant feature in buying lighters; when choosing the best type according to our needs, we must see how many minutes will burn continuously with one filling? Single jet torch lighters tend to have larger gas tanks that only last 15-20 minutes before refueling. Double torches give about 40 minutes of continuous use, which is still less than disposable models without any harmful fumes or liquids.

The Size and Weight:

Size and weight are also other significant features of a lighter; we want to choose the best option for our needs by their performance and the convenience of carrying it with us without any problems whatsoever. Torch lighters can be very large in height and width, which makes them difficult to carry around sometimes, so you may need something more compact than others, such as double jets instead.

Longer torches tend to have wider flames, too, while disposable models cover larger areas since they’re designed for both cigars and cigarettes rather than just one type alone like other options on this list.

Fuel Types:

There are also different types of fuel used in making these tools, including butane gas, naphtha, and petrolatum, which are the most common fuel types. Butane gas is more reliable than others because it does not require battery power to create a spark. At the same time, naphtha needs both batteries and electricity to ignite. In contrast, petrolatum generally requires some outside source, such as matches, but these usually work better with thicker wicks like in candles rather than thin ones found on cigarettes.


There are many different materials used in making a lighter such as plastic or aluminum for disposable models, butane gas, or petrolatum-based fuel tanks. The best option out there is one that has metal material which tends to be more durable and less likely to break if dropped accidentally, so it’s usually better off just buying something with this type of build even if it’s double the price.

Battery Type:

Rechargeable battery options like USB Rechargeable Electric Cigar Lighters offer an excellent alternative since they’re both green-friendly by not emitting any harmful fumes into your face while smoking plus, you can save money on refills too because these last much longer than regular torch lighters without having any unpleasant taste coming through at all.

Some models even have a blue light ideal for cigar enthusiasts as it gives the ultimate smoking experience.

Burning Time:

Electric rechargeable electric lighters can be charged more than once with some models over 300 times before needing replacement, which is the best option for those looking to save money in buying new fuel or batteries regularly.

You must know how long your lighter will last until needing to be refueled, too; single torch lighters usually don’t last as long between uses compared to double ones, so always keep this tip in mind.

There are many different types of lighters you can choose from depending on your specific needs and desires, so make sure to weigh both features and price with one another before buying something that’s not going to work either efficiently or safely.

Weigh your options by size/weight, material type, ignition system, gas capacity, and fuel type to find out what works best for you, so there will be no more accidentally burning yourself while trying to light up again, like when using cheap disposable models.

The Best Brands

One of the best brands on the market includes but is not limited to Xikar, Lotus, and Bugatti as they offer excellent warranties behind their products along with a large variety of styles for those looking for something special, from more traditional designs up to rare pieces made out of platinum by skilled artisans.

Price Categories

The cost of electric lighters also varies depending on the type chosen, so it’s important to consider all options before buying something that might not be what you had in mind.

Under $10:

Other options include butane torches which are usually the cheapest and most widely used ones on this list because they’re simple, reliable, and easy to use with a single push of a button. These tend to last long enough for about one full day or refill before having to replace fuel again; it all depends on how much you plan on smoking per session, though.


Those who smoke less frequently than that can get away with purchasing something like USB Rechargeable Electric Cigar Lighters since these will save money over time by not needing any new refills while being more sustainable compared to disposable models without sacrificing performance either.

At under $30, this is an excellent choice for anyone looking forward to making the switch to something more eco-friendly.


Lighters like Torch Butane Cigar Lighters are also an excellent choice if you enjoy smoking regularly as they provide better performance than disposable models but don’t cost hundreds of dollars either; usually running between $25 and $75 depending on how high end the lighter is itself with the best ones coming at around this price range or under because anything beyond that might not be worth it for most people who want to light up their cigar now and again during special occasions.

Over $100:

The last type of option available is flameless lighters which use infrared technology to create heat without needing any fuel, so there’s no risk involved whatsoever since you won’t be inhaling any flammable fumes either. These are great for those who fear fire or want an even safer option to light up their favorite stogies without worrying about being caught off guard again.

Final Note

Don’t settle for anything less when choosing your next torch lighter. This ultimate guide will help you choose the best one according to your preferences so that you have an easier time using them every single day without problems whatsoever.

We selected the top 10 torch lighters.

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